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Rexhep Qosja: The Kosovo Liberators
I am honoured to speak again at this year academy. Is this academy with which is marked epopee of the Kosovo Liberation Army, which honour the founder of the Kosovo Liberation Army, initiator and lion-hearted of Liberation War, Adem Jashari; which honour national martyrs who sacrificed their lives for freedom and independence Kosovo; which honour members of the Kosovo Liberation Army - the fallen liberators and living liberators in Kosovo. At this academy already organized every year.
Qualification of liberator is the most beautiful qualification more significant, with greater value than any other quality, which may merit one person. With that are qualified those who understand life as a struggle and sacrifice for his people.
For these reasons we all should feel perpetual and immeasurable obligation to Adem Jashari and his family, that for freedom and independence of Kosovo gave not only one, two, three or four men, father, mother and woman, but also boys, girls, children, who would grow to become the parents of many other births; obligation to the martyrs who died independent free Kosovo; obligation to the liberators, who took up arms aware that from weapon may die in the war that they did.
As always when talking about the war of the KLA and in the academy, as every time I talk about martyrs and as I do in this academy, as always when talking about magnificent made of Adem Jashari and his family as well as historical this academy, I cannot speak without the extraordinary dedication and mental sense which is restrained my adoration for their extraordinary and foresight heroism.
Why sense commitment? Because all aware they went in the way of sacrifice, the sacrifice that our children can grow up happy, that our young people can live safely in their homeland, that our elders can spend their elderly in calm and without humiliation!
Why mental? Because they understood, when we, the others, we didn’t want to understand, that policy without action for a people oppressed and repressed as was Albanian people in Kosovo, is deception of the people.
They had understood that victory, in the end, is not only for the fittest, the less invaders, but that makes him courageous and righteous war. They knew and believed, that the several thousand who defend the right to live free in their own land, are stronger than the hundreds of thousands who make occupation war.
They understood that advices of foreign consultants should be relied less than is liked to believe, because early on they often advise considering its own interests and not yours. For this reason our liberators were not willing to accept the advice of the major European countries, which were against any resistance in Kosovo. How can this be called honest lesson given by those states that have all the history of wars: defence wars, liberation wars, especially colonial and occupation wars?
They had learned better than the rest of us that lesson the great European thinkers had formulated centuries ago: it is a sin to oppress others, but it is a sin to endure oppression.
They, our liberators, they knew, also, that the major European states who advised us peace, endurance of violence, always had neglected peoples that for their freedom had not done much except that they were praying and talking!
All that they have done for his people, we are obliged to do the thing that belongs to us, that in the memory of the people, namely in its history, to give the deserved place, which has not yet given. And, will be given to the historical site, which in our most recent history only belongs to them, when we made clear to us that for every serious country, history textbooks state are very serious issue, in which there should allowed improvisations that are so evident in our historical texts. The decision of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology that the first hour of instruction in all schools in Kosovo on March 5 Epopee should address the issues of KLA and fall of legendary bravest, Adem Jashari, shows that things are changing for the better in this view.
All that they have done for his people obliges us to preserve the ideals and values that are grown and from which they are inspired them to take up arms and fight for freedom and independence: to preserve those ideals and values of those who are trying to get the border between Kosovo and Albania to do make it higher rather than wanting to completely levelled; to keep the nation unit from those who would like to make from the Albanian nation two various nations, to preserve the unified national literary language as the national value most of those who would like to share bilingual literary dialect, to preserve those ideals and values and behaviours of a series of impugned and unacceptable actions about which I do not want to speak here.
In ancient Greece, at the time of Homer, in honour of fallen war hero was unlit bonfire. And, around that fire were walking companions, friends and fans; walking and throwing in the fire things that they wanted most: someone horse, someone slave, someone themselves. From colleagues and friends of our fallen heroes in war we cannot ask for much more. Still less can we ask so much from others. We don’t need to throw those we love in fire. But never forget: freedom and independence is an act of their foresight and heroism.
Let me conclude this sentence.
Let honour tonight proudly Adem Jashari, all the fallen of his historical family, martyrs of the nation pronouncing sentence that will forever be marked in Albanian history: their names and their heroism will live while will Albanian nation live, and that means forever.

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania, Edmond Haxhinasto, during a two-day visit to the Republic of Kosovo has visited the Memorial Complex "AdemJashari" and as well as Jashari’s family in Prekaz.
Albanian Chief of Diplomacy has appreciated the contribution of Jashari’s for the Albanian nation.
He during the visit in Prekaz was hosted by Murat Jashari.

Prekaz, 7th March – Epic traditional three-day manifestation of the Kosovo Liberation Army, was concluded with "Night of Fire" on Monday evening, at 18:00, starting in Prekaz with torches lighting and central fire and to finish the night in the square "Adem Jashari "in Skenderaj with a big concert and fireworks with multiple ignition. Heroic manifestation is dedicated to the legendary commander Adem Jashari and 55 Jashari and his comrades, who 13 years ago, for 3 days and 3 nights, had survived the barbaric attacks of Serb police and paramilitary forces. According to the traditional present scenario, exactly at 18:00, when darkness begins to beat the light, as Serbian captivity had conquered Kosovo for nearly a century, the towers of the Jashari and bunker of a legend, in the forest above the neighbourhood Jashari, lit torches to many who with their brightness ignition sparks symbolize freedom, 13 years ago.

The young boys and girls, dressed in KLA uniforms and national costumes, with torches in their hands, depart from the Cemetery of Martyrs, in which lie the heroic heroes of that war. And while torches were placed around the cemetery complex, high school students put out a bouquet of flowers on each grave of 49 martyrs in this complex, whose names was mentioned by manifesting leader, in front of thousands of people gathered.
Meanwhile, large fire was lit, the flame of which is distributed everywhere, just like 13 years ago that was distributed by the fire of war here and clarion of the legendary Adem Jashari, who responded freedom lovers wherever they were. Igniting the fire is followed by such ignition offires in all battlefields of KLA throughout Kosovo.
After the completion of the ceremony torches and lighting the fire, in Prekaz, participants were directed to the city of Skenderaj to attend on great concert with members of the entertainment, which was held in the "Adem Jashari" square. In honour of this anniversary also were lit lot of fireworks.
This time, up to the time of reporting, our state, military or political leaders were not shown. Bekim Jashari present in this rally, through the media has thanked participants and also used the opportunity once again to appeal for unity of our leadership.
Tonight od on the third day of three-day manifestation "KLA Epopee", on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of heroic fall of the KLA Legendary Commander Adem Jashari and his family, also known as "Night Fires" will be ignite fires in Prekaz.
And in this way, are going to be finished activities within the three day manifestation “KLA Epopee”.
Also tonight will be held a concert on “Adem Jashari” square.
“The Fires night” will be marked all over Kosovo.
Over the past two days, on Saturday is held manifestation in KSF military barracks “Adem Jashari”, and on Sunday was held Memorial Academy and are paid tribute in Prekaz.

Pristina, March 6th 2011 – The events of early March of 1998 entered in the history of Kosovo with whole tragedy and its greatness, taking the sign of sublime human sacrifice and as such became the KLA’s glorious epopee, stated at a memorial academy dedicated to Commander Adem Jashari.
Present in this academy were higher structures of Kosovo institutions, representatives of organizations emerging from war KLA, but not and the first of country Behgjet Pacolli.
Chairman of the Kosovo Parliament, Jakup Krasniqi said that, that thanks to the war and sacrifice of Jasharajs and other martyrs today we are experiencing freedom and independence.
"5,6 and 7 of March 1998, really entered in the newest history of Kosovo with all the tragedy and the greatness of it, days which in the own pace within the calendar would be common in certain circumstances had took mark of sublime sacrifice of man and became epopees” said Krasniqi.
Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Memli Krasniqi, said that the fall of the legendary commander Adem Jashari was an inspiration for the most sublime ideas of humanism and democracy located in the foundation of the idea of our people's struggle for freedom and independence.
"Today on the 13th anniversary of the fall on the altar of freedom, I recall the work of KLA Chief of Commander Adem Jashari, of Kosovo hero, stately figure of the leader and our inspiration for freedom, whose scepticism and self-denial, and of his family exceeded his limits of reality and the possibility become the inspiration for our generation and for generations to come” said Krasniqi.
Academic Esat Stavileci, deeming the above work and contribution of Commander Adem Jashari, ordered the country's institutions that today more than ever we must work to build a strong state as was the goal of freedom fighters.
“Today we bow in front of the graves of the people of the nation, we commemorate the bravery and their sacrifice to write a new page in our history to promote, develop and accelerate the process for freedom and independence of Kosovo and the Albanians", he said.
On behalf of the Jashari family, with a speech has welcomed participants BekimJashari, who congratulated all Albanians for this anniversary, ordering that the time has come to work together and bring the country forward.
“13 years ago we were in Germany, and when the case occurred where many people there and one of the friends said, Baca Rifat, you have given a lot, Baca Rifat, 56 family members of the Jashari clan, be strong. Baca Rifat said to him, I will be strong. But how can I not be lean, he said, I have given 56, but I won 7 million", said Jashari.
He has called local leaders to put aside personal grudges, and to unite for the good of the country.
For the participants in this academy was also prepared a cultural-artistic program.

Prekaz, on 06th March of 2011 – On the 13th anniversary of the heroic fall of legendary commander AdemJashari and his family, the President of the Assembly, Krasniqi, paid homage to the martyrs’ cemetery in legendary Prekaz.

On this occasion he said that Legendary Prekaz presents dimension of pain and glory of the Albanian people.

"We chose to come Prekaz these days because of the extend of pain and glory of national level and convinced that honouring this dimension of national glory and pain, we honour all Albanian families in Kosovo, we honours all Albanian nation and its painful history, but also the glorious one" said Krasniqi.

Prekaz, 06th March, 2011 - On the second day of manifestation "KLA Epopee", Prekazi again brought together the highest officials of the country, who paid tribute and honor to the memory of the sacrifice of family icon of the liberation of Kosovo, Jashari family.

On the 13th anniversary of the legendary heroic commander of the KLA, Adem Jashari and his family; Kosovo President Pacolli, paid homage at the Martyrs’ Cemetery in legendary Prekaz. On this occasion he said that Prekazi unites all Albanians wherever they are and that there is sealed independence of Kosovo.

"Prekazi is a place that brings together not only the Albanians from Kosovo, but from all the territories and the diaspora. Glory to our martyrs, let them rest in peace. Here is sealed Kosovo's independence, which we enjoy today. Glory once again to all the martyrs who have fallen for the freedom of Kosovo" Pacolli said.

Prekaz, March 6th 2011 –Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaqi said that 13 years after heroic fall of legendary Commander Adem Jashari our country is in safe path towards integration into NATO and the European Union (EU).
He made these comments on the occasion of the homages to the Martyrs Cemetery in legendary Prekaz, where together with other officials of the Government of Kosovo have honoured the work and sublime sacrifice of legendary Chief Commander Adem Jashari.
“Today the people of Kosovo made state honoursto the legendary commander Adem Jashari, his family, all the sacrifice of the soldiers of the KLA and to the sacrifice of the people of Kosovo. Today we have a day of unity, of approach, of respect for the past and to get energy for the future, so on behalf of the Republic of Kosovo we made the highest state honours for the legendary commander Adem Jashari. We won freedom and gained independence, we are building our country and we are on safe path to join NATO and the EU, so on the 13th anniversary of the heroic legendary commander Adem Jashari, Kosovo is on right path, on the road of success, which is a full guarantee on its Euro-Atlantic future" has said the Prime Minister.